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Sparkman High School Football Booster Club

The purpose of the Sparkman High School Football Booster Club is to aid the Athletic Program, placing emphasis on football. The SHS Football Booster Club will strive to promote UNITY OF SPIRIT among parents, athletic participants, coaches, school administrators, other school organizations, and the communities of Toney, Harvest, and Monrovia, Alabama.


This Club is dedicated to the establishment and maintenance of a winning tradition of attitude at Sparkman High School. The Club and its membership shall acknowledge its responsibility of loyalty and total support to the school, its coaches and the administrators, and in so doing will conduct themselves in a manner conducive to recognized unity and harmony within and throughout the community, to be supporters of the athletic programs instituted by the school, and of the professionalism exemplified by the coaches and teachers of Sparkman High School.

2023-2024 Officers


Timmy Smith


Candace Kemp


Lisa Martchinske


VP of Volunteers:

Orenthal Nance

VP of Meals:

Shatika Armstrong

VP of Fundraisers:

Ty Prater


Mike Shingleton

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