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About Us

MISSION:  Sparkman High School will mold students with diverse learning needs into competent, productive citizens in a global society by ensuring a safe and challenging instructional environment incorporating community resources and parental support.

BELIEFS:  Safety is at the forefront of decisions affecting students at Sparkman High School.  Parental involvement and encouragement leads to students’ school success.  Academics are the primary focus of Sparkman High School.  Respect is a value that is modeled by faculty, students, and staff.  Knowledge is the reward for academic success.  Multiple instructional strategies are utilized to teach academic content to students.  Achievements in academic and extracurricular activities are a great source of pride to the Sparkman High School community.  Needs of students, academic and social, drive the decision-making practices of Sparkman High School.


Sparkman High School, how we love thee
All through the years.
Strength and courage, truth and friendship
Cast away our fears.
To ourselves and to each other
Faithful friends we’ll prove forever.
Nationwide we’ll spread thy knowledge,
Alma Mater Thine.

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