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Sparkman Senators Athletic Trainer

Andy Withrow

Sparkman athletics has at their disposal, 2 full-time Certified Athletic Trainers provided at no cost to the school or the parents. The Athletic Trainers are provided by Huntsville Hospital Sports Center. Huntsville Hospital Sports Center has partnered with The Orthopedic Center (TOC) to provide our school with our Team Physician, Dr. Stan Davis.


Under the direction of our team physician, Huntsville Hospital athletic trainers provide injury prevention, assessment, and emergency care as well as treatment/rehabilitation services for all Sparkman Student-Athletes. Since our athletic trainers provide care to all of the school’s athletic teams, when a long term injury occurs, you have an opportunity to utilize Huntsville Hospital Physical Therapy services. Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants will come to Sparkman, 2 to 3 times per week during the school year (but not over breaks). They work with the team physician and athletic trainers to help assist getting back our long-term injured athletes. Generally speaking, if your son or daughter has an injury that will take a 2 weeks or longer to get back playing full speed, you can utilize our physical therapists.


The benefits of choosing Huntsville Hospital Sports Center plan of care are many:

  • If an athlete gets injured and needs to see a physician, student-athletes enjoy priority scheduling that is set up through the athletic trainer

  • We also enjoy priority scheduling for most medical testing procedures such as MRI or other scans or tests deemed necessary by our team physician

  • Athletic trainers can communicate freely regarding the status of the patient with our team physician and that helps us keep the parents and coaches informed as to the status/prognosis.

  • If physical therapy is needed, we can do almost all of the patient care ON-SITE at our fully equipped and modern athletic training facility. Parents will not need to miss work when school is in session to take their child to therapy.

  • Also, athletic training services are FREE of charge! The only limitation we have is time as we have to cover most practices and all home games as well as many away contests.

  • Our athletic trainers are almost always in ‘on-call’ mode. Meaning, if you have a question regarding your child’s status are phones are always on, PLEASE do not hesitate to call.

  • At the end of the day, our goal is to make the patient and the parents happy with the care we provide. You are free to choose any physician to care for your child’s athletic injury, but it greatly assists the level of care and speed with which we can administer it if choose to employ the services of our program and our team physician.


While our athletic trainers root for, and want our teams to be successful, our only concern is ensuring to the best of our ability, the safety of your student-athlete. We take the long view meaning that your child’s health is far more important to us than any athletic contest. 


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